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Palestine Media Unit


Zajel Youth Exchange Program

Public Relations Department

An-Najah National University


Account number: 9020-400001-3-510 (U.S. dollars)

Bank Name: Arab Bank

Street address: Husein Square/ Nablus

Swift Codes: Arabps 22020

Country: Nablus, West Bank

P.O. Box 38

Palestinian National Authority


Volunteer editors needed


Here at Zajel we are in need of English speakers to help process our files.  These files have been translated from Arabic and many of them still require editing.  If you would like to take part in this project, please contact us at, telling us which file you would like to work on.  On receiving the go-ahead from us, you can download the file, work on it at your leisure and then send us the edited version, which we will immediately upload. 

We are also preparing Italian and Spanish versions of our site and would like to hear from Italian and Spanish speakers who would be willing to translate our files. If you are interested, please contact us as above. We will be very grateful for all offers of help and will be acknowledging this by mentioning the names of those involved in editing and translating on the files themselves.















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